Humble Roofing Company


Humble Roofing Company FAQs

Dear Humble Roofing Company: I’m building my own home little by little. When it comes time to put the roof on, how much will you charge me?

Answer: Humble Roofing Company strives to make your roof as affordable as possible. Call us out for a free estimate. The actual cost of roofing your structure will depend on the size of your building and which materials you choose. For example, composition shingle is relatively inexpensive but needs repair and replacement more often than slate or tile which is more expensive but longer-lived.

Dear Humble Roofing Company: I have a warehouse that needs roofing. Do you do such large jobs or are you strictly family homes?

Answer: Humble Roofing Company can roof the largest warehouse or the smallest tool shed with ease. We’ve spent over 20 years roofing Houston area structures so we are experts in every style, type, and size of building.

Dear Humble Roofing Company: We had a fire in our building that damaged the roof. Can you supply us with an inspection report for our insurance company?

Answer: Yes! Humble Roofing Company can survey the damage to your roof and write up the information your insurance company needs to process your claim. We inspect roofs after hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, tree damage, and all other natural disasters or accidental injuries to your roof.

Dear Humble Roofing Company: Why should I consider metal roofing?

Answer: Metal roofing, usually aluminum or coated steel, is attractive, energy-efficient, durable, and relatively low-maintenance. Although the installation costs are higher than some other roofing materials, metal roofs last a long time and are less open to damage by hail, fire, or sun. Metal roofs can cut your cooling costs by reflecting back the heating rays of the sun.