Humble Roofing Company


Humble Roofing Company Services

New Roof Construction
Humble Roofing Company has had over 20 years of general contracting services with an emphasis on roofing. We know all there is to know about your building’s structural integrity and what kind of roof is best suited to it. We assure you that our roofing professionals can make your new residential or commercial structure as watertight and weatherproof as possible.

Roof Repair
Whether you have a few loose shingles or half your roof is missing, Humble Roofing Company can ride to your rescue. We are experts at assessing damage and recommending the best solution to restoring your roof to provide the best protection possible. Humble Roofing Company knows how important a well-maintained roof is to commercial, residential, and rural buildings and is committed to keeping you and your possessions safe from the outside elements.

Roof Remodel and Renovation
Do you have an old roof that needs an update? Did you buy a period home—Edwardian, Tudor, Victorian—and want the roof to match the style? Does your community have style standards your present roof doesn’t meet? Humble Roofing Company can survey your roof and give you valuable insight into the best way to remodel your roof to match your intended goal. If you’ve added on an extra bedroom or an in-law suite and need roofing to match the rest of the house, we can make that happen too!

Emergency Services
Hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, gales—as a long-time Humble roofing company we are fully acquainted with the foul weather Texas can dish out. Along with these forces of nature often comes slight to extensive damage to roofs. We are always ready at a moment’s notice to cover up any gaps in your roofing to protect your structure against any further weather damage. Once the immediate danger is averted, we can schedule a permanent solution and secure your home. Call us in case of:

• Weather-related damage
• Fire and smoke damage
• Roof damage caused by falling trees
• Downed power line damage
• Any and every emergency!